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Site Info: Soccer Predictions - Fraud Syndicate

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam / Fraud?: YES

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Site is part of a bigger fraud-network. They claim the have insider information about fixed matches. This cannot be true as such information is never sold via public online channes. Winrate and yield are too good to be true - it looks like they are selling winning lottery tickets. Past history is occasionally manupulated to make it look better. All the 'partner' sites belong to the same group and are all fraud. Be Aware.

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Real archives and real fixed matches . Regards from UK

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Try bankerpaidtips on facebook and twitter. Pay as you win 100% Thanks for recommending @dgreatson


You are welcome @dgreatson


You are welcome @mandla


Pls have anyone tried messi-7tips and Deutchland1x2.com,l wanna know lf they are real.


Is this site good?


i took a big risk with robertcater4270@gmail.com and it worked even though I saw conflicting comments here of him being real or scam


That was close I almost paid thanks for this review it saved me a lot

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