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Slogan: Best professional sports tipsters

Site Info: Soccer Predictions Service

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

Current rating is 1 based on 4 reviews


Scam service. 'Tipsters' are made up by webmasters and computers. Previous results are manipulated. You never get what they claim you get. No profit in this system. Stay away!

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Scam Artists , Changed Andreas Kloft Yield to make it look better


What to expect from a company run and led by a bunch of Albanians? Total scam. Their system is a shit full of miscalculated data misleading customers.

Hi! I bought a tipster in betadvisor 3 days ago for the first time? Can you give me some evidences , because if that you said is true i don't want to buy there anymore. Idon't want to lose money


this site is a serious scam !!! I never had a quota by a tipster set, I paid 5 Tipster. definitely agree that the predictions were done with the help of a program, webmaster ect. this site has to be shut down because I personally know of this site seven years where I followed them all the time and as a tipster make it minus so there is no longer offered. Please help if you really can or contact me via e-mail to get you evidences. iv lost about 600euros for subscibes and 800 euros on falowing their predictions. Thank you.

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