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Slogan: Best Source of Fixed Matches

Site Info: Soccer Predictions Service

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam / Fraud?: YES

Current rating is 1 based on 4 reviews


Site is part of a bigger fraud-network. Winrate and Yield are too good to be true - it looks like they are selling winning lottery tickets. Past history is occasionally manupulated to make it look better. All the 'partner' sites belong to the same group and are all fraud. Be Aware.

User Opinions

Santiago :

If you have real fixed matches just whatsapp me on 08107311714


@december3and4 Hallo man! I'v a dbt abt d Feb games. Reply soon to my mail. Urgent!

December 3and4:

Dates for February matches changed. So check the fixture date in Google & bet.


please who knows if profit sure win is legit please I need answers? anyone played there games?


I have real fixed info price is 400$ in bitcoins email is


Anyone with correct source shld contact I was scam by one Macedonia guy with Western Union acount name Darko Sekulovski.... After paying 60€ he's now asking me for additional 60€ for assurance.. I need a correct source with small odds. Am a Ghanain


Anyone with correct source shld contact I was scam by one Macedonia guy with Western Union acount name Darko Sekulovski.... After paying 60€ he's now asking me for additional 60€ for assurance.. I need a correct source with small odds. Am a Ghanain


Fixedmatch King is a faker. I lost 125 euro. He give me 30 odd. He has good Homepage but only fake.

Daniel: He is a faker i send 220 euro Afrika Faker. He lies all the time.




my predictions for 15.11.2018.... southend vs southampton u21 and doncaster vs notts county both matches over 2.75....syarinka vs varnamo under 2.25.....goodluck

Daniel: is a fake. He give me 186 odd i send him 100 euro and lost 50 euro -150 euro

December 3and4:

Bid Ranking 1. Xin quan. 11000$ highest 2. Mufeed 3. Soccer Vista 4. Adam Ssebuufu 5. Martin Roy 6. Betpredictor 7. Caglar 300$ lowest


Update the bid ranking list plz....@December 3and4


I want free Fixed game for trust. Please Post. After i can buy.

Eva karera feet job:

Watch Eva karera feet job


Clarence please write me a message @ please let's discuss.

Harunah :

Guys is the same moron he's by the names of Oriowo Oluwaseun Frederick. He's a Nigerian scammer. Don't fall victim of him. He's got no fixed games, he's looking for survival.

Am back here ,after months of break we have finally get the real source ,interested people should mail sure fixed match is :

John :

Cletcon123 is a Nigerian scammer. He will eat your money and run away. Don't trust his bullshit

Harunah :

Guys, that cletcon guy is a good fraudster, he's a scam. He's called Oriowo Oluwaseun Frederick. He has no fixed games at all. He will give u predictions through correct scores but are all fake. Stay away from him ladies and gentlemen..


somebody tell me if spain is real? who has ever bought and won?

John: is a fake, they put matches on their page and tell you to pay to be activated which never will you be,then they send you tips on watsup of which if you check the next day you find when they have edited their own results calling it a win, the owner is a Kenyan who claims to be a Nigerian be warned


I visited your site and I am convinced we can solve your international ocean shipping needs. We offer instant online quotes and bookings at deep discount rates. Please reply to this email so we can provide you an instant quote.

People take adavantage of the good people ,it's very rare to see a sure source on fixed matches but I have proven beyond reasonable doubt that am the only honest person here saying it publicly.. WhatsApp me or call +2348036385940.


hey guys , that cleton guy is a fraud .Same with fixed247 . They are both nigerians. They are thieves and cheats.DONT SEND THEM MONEY AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


@Kenny! Thanks for the heads up about that fixed24x7 dude. He's a scam from Nigerian. For him I know very well. Whoever pays him does it at his own risk. Guys keep your cash tight




@fixedmatch go ahead and post all the email chats, I will do the same and show the world how you wanted to forcefully charge my bank card. Lol. You a smart scammer claiming to have mafias watching all over the place. I can't fall for your tricks idiot and I pity those you wanna scam their hard earned money. Better find a job and work Nigerian boy

Adam: U know yourself very well that u are a scam. You reached an extent of asking for my card details and wanting to charge it. U claim to b in N. Ireland yet u in Nigeria. I feel sorry for those ones who will fall for your tricks idiot.

So it's you Adam who from another different email? I helped you to payment. Wow That's so brilliant of you Adam ssebufu calling me a scammer without even playing my games. I'm ready to post all my email chat with you & your alias emails here. You don't know how fixed games work, how many people work cautiously for 1 fixed game. And here you asking me fixed games for your 100€. I doubted its was you when I was losing almost all my contacts while you were emailing me for a month asking for exact time & odds for the games.. I'm happy even if 1 person had played my game that I postd here. Bye

If my comment gets deleted then the admin of this page is working for my mafia. They don't want the outer world to know fixed games exist. I want to make a request to the soccerpredictions admin kindly review dark websites too.

Kissinga :

@Makaveli. I have tried and trusted all these guys in this forum. has no fixed games. He will fool u like he's got one but then after making payments, he will start playing hide and seek with you. But if u wish to try any guys, u can go ahead. I have been scammed million times on this forum. Evn in deep web, many Scammers are hiding there. Follow your instincts and heart, play odd 4 and win something small. Or else, u gonna face Scammers


Any one that has Link to where i can get real fixed match here is my email or +2348183241885


@Mufeed I saw the match when it was live at 22 mins. score was 0-1. It won after 45 mins HT. Since then I'm refreshing this page every hour to see his next fixed game & play it.

Abacha :

Anyone with good weekend prediction source of odd 4+ should please email me on or whatsapp me on +2348134210268. No scam please.

Kissinga :

@Makaveli, like they told you! Don't trust any emails on this forum. Taulant Ibro is a scammer. He scams 100€ just but it's so painful losing hard earned cash. That fool posting finished games is a scammer too is a thief. They have no fixed games. Fixed games will never be sold on the internet boss.

Fixed match:

HT 1-1 Won. Congrats to everyone who played my free game. For more FIXED MATCHES ==> I'm ready to welcome who are unfortunately seeing the games after win & calling me a scammer.


Don't be fooled by He will chew your little money and run away. He's a smart scammer based in Nigeria. Like people said already here, fixed games will never be sold on the internet. Those who have ears, listen.


@Kissinga @Desire @Allan you are using different names?? Can't you use a single name if what you say is true ??


@Mufeed, Go on and pay anyone of those guys. U will see it by yourself. We have done business with them before and they are all scam.Period

Abacha :

Anyone with good predictions source should please inbox me on


Hey @Anonymous did u c the game postd by "Fixed match" & played it?? I want to know anyone has played here??


Thanks @kisinga but please help me with a good tip source,I'm not looking for fixed matches but reliable tipster one can follow and win someday because it seems almost everything in here is a scam.Please has anyone tried,don't know if he's real or another scam

Deno : are other emails operated by Motta and his Nigerian clique. Don't fall a victim of these stupid Nigerians. Most of them saving 100€ is a Miracle. Damn


@George and Allan.Thanks for the enlightenment but I'm still hopeful of meeting a reliable source someday.Anytime anyone of you get a sure source please share the link.With time we'll be able to know the thieves behind the multiple scam messages in this forum.Please help me also investigate taulant Ibro if he's real or not.Thanks brothers


Most of Facebook games are predictions. But I've witnessed real fixed matches win Facebook but the profile dissapears after 2 or 3 days. Some games win here in this forum while some say they are scam. Which is real? You all have tried them or you just don't want others to win


I tried all the websites & all are scam. Don't ever never ever never ever buy from any websites. I swear on my mom all these websites give only prediction. Fixed matches exist only in Dark web or real match fixers


Just 1 Nigerian Monkey "Emeka" has scammed everyone from 10 different emails. Lol. Now that Monkey will be silently making plans for his next alias

Fixed match:

Last free Fixed match - Cavese - Matera - Halftime Exact score - 1-1 Odds- 7.50


Stupid Botch @fixed match your game is losing. What u got u say now? huh

George: is also a scammer in Nigeria. at makavelli: Dont trust any email in this forum.


@George! True all emails in this forum are mostly Nigerian guys. They use multiple emails and scam people thousands of euros. Guys fixed games can't and will neva be sold on the internet. Stay away from as well. He's a Nigerian scammer too


Please brothers where on earth can one ever find a reliable source to stick to cos thesame set of listed scammers in this forum will still come again in another form to scam people


@Nino Thanks for the heads up. Also stay away from These accounts are operated by a Nigerian called Emeka Nwachukwu Scam!!


@Nino @Emily You guys are right. All those scammers are Nigerians. Have a look at the screenshots in these links:

Nino: is a scam, he's a Nigerian guy, he has a click operating with other guys to fraud people. He works with as well as . And also William Smith is part of that clique. All stupid Nigerians. Don't buy guys, don't buy. Please keep your money tight with you. Instead of spending it on these worthless pieces of shit.

New opportunities for real fixed matches,i don't have much to say ,email me on

Fixed match:

Whoever played my fixed games knows about me that I'm not a scammer. I have returned everyones payment but not you Adam ssebufu Coz you are the reason I lost all my fixers. You emailed me from multiple emails just to guess my fixed games by asking me the time & Odds of the respective fixed games.

Adam :

Whoever sends money to should do it at his own peril. The moron is a scammer with no fixed games. He claims to live in Northern Ireland but he's 100% a Nigerian scammer. Stay warned guys.


Betmaster1x2 are scummers.. Plz never try them..they scumm me over 50+euros only to send me fake matches.. Those tickets they are posting on their websites and watsup chats are fake.. Never try they. Am bitter.. Plz once again.. DDO NOT DO ANY BUSSINES WITH BETMASTER.. they are conmen


Please guys there is a Germany guy called Friederich, i lost his contact email and I lost it. But whoever has it, can drop it here. Thanks in advance


I wanna know about Is he real guys?

Liisi South Korea: someone told me he is good people. I wanted to confirm before I do any business with him!


I don't know what to believe about europol-fixed. First I bought a match for USD 35. They gave me their tips and it WON. Now I bought 5 days tips for USD 65. They have refused to reply to my emails. Now what is the point of all that? If they are in true business why not continue keeping their customers happy? I feel maybe have been scammed on the second purchase

Chuks :

Pls if anyone know or have a good source pls chat me up, +2358079795854



what about uk-fixed matches do any body know about this site?


@fixed match please post one more please I played only 1 games

Fixed match:

Australia NPL- Perth - Perth glory- CS HT 1-1 - ODDS:8.00 Play & Win.... For more fixed Games--

Fixed match:

Hello, Mafia is deleting my comments here. I posted 3 games now if u see any 1 fixed game play & win it . Don't miss


recently scam by,, and lastly all this guy are fake run from them all

huy nguyen: is a fraud site. Be aware


Keep off from They use (Steven Rice) but the guys name is Aleksandar Stefanoski. Have lost 160 euros; paid 80 for a one week subscription, then they ask another 80. After sending they ask for another 100 or they terminate which a declined. Just keep off you are better of drinking all your cash than giving this fraudster. Have done my part to inform you.

mig rider:

No fixed matches,you gonna tell me in future .........all those sides are Macedonian's they scum to survive.... no jobs in Macedonia....


I know the right gate but

Alpha D:

Fixed games are there for those who access darkweb.. Ask me I've been there and those people don't even sell the games


@Mark Henry I totally agree. People are willing to pay €100 for fixed 500 odds. Then they complain when they get scammed. Its better to stake on smaller odds.

Hudson L:

Even here in Australia, the few who have access to real fixed matches behave like mafians. They will in many occasions deny you access to the fixed matches even with your available money. Just like my German contact will always say, Fixed matches comes with a secret tire and can never be sold in the Internet.

Mark Henry :

Fixed matches do exist but not easy to come by. Most of those who are scammed is because of greed on their own part. If you dnt yet have access to any geniue source for fixed matches, why not rely with a convinient 2-3 odds per day even if it only wins 4/7


Whatever it is. I can't really say about europol-fixed cos I ve won before with them. Twice and I have lost twice also. They've scammed me of $500. If you're from europol and you're here, I have evidence. my email.


I didn't understand the match you posted. Post another match for trust.

Fixed match:

Last free Fixed match - Sweden superettan- Orgryte - Falkenbergs Halftime/Fulltime - Draw/Draw Odds- 5.50

Fixed match:

Fixed match -USA USL Newyork red bulls - Cincinnati Exact score - 2-1 Odds: 10.00

Joe: .Anybody that have ear to hear fixedmatch house is a scam. The have scam my hard earning ,never send money to macedonia people ,beware.


Please does anyone know about solo fixed matches... Maybe is genuine. Thanks.


Guys please what do you know about betmaster ??? Are they genuine or not? Need quickly response .thanks


Mauve who is that Indian won with Taulant Ibro. where can find his contact?


i think is real source only snapcaht :singaporeinfo02 but not have money for buy,he is from singapore


Please does anyone know about betmaster ??? Are they genuine or not ? Kindly help me out am about to pay with them .thanks

Mauve :

@Blerim I will buy with you. An Indian won with him. No second thoughts


The best source on planet earth is,Oby problem is games cost a lot of money


Please everyone here, who knows about if it is real or not because I am very confused they are also under YouTube so I don't get scammed with that....

Mauve :

@Francis Yeah their country is Macedonia.


@mauve thanks a lot ...scammers country.... Medeconian what?...

Mauve :

@Francis All these websites & blogs are completely fake. They are all the same macedonians with different website names.


Hello, please I want to know maybe is genuine. Thanks


Coral from mediconia is big scammer... He will collect your money and request more to take game ...its a lie...please anyone with real source should please chat me up on WhatsApp with this digits: 07036493749 thanks


Hello, please thus anyone know how genuine is Please need your assistant. Thanks.

Taulant Ibro:


Taulant Ibro:

All of my buyers don't share your email here & winning slips to anyone. There are a Lot of Fake commenters & Scammers shall send you spam messages or ask u for a Free game.

T. Ibro:

im scammer i want only your money


@T.Ibro .How can I contact you?


IMAO @royal jelly bee tag you are obviously fake cuz I played his games this sunday Even I can show my win .

T. Ibro:

Lol Emeka you r commenting with my Name ? . Be a man to comment with your original name . Also wats up with you ? You don't have a life? How long are u gonna keep doing this dumb work?


royal jelly bee tag. Another fake comment. It's that one guy doing all of this one-sided hate comments?

Mauve : is fake. I lost 400 euros with them

Blerim :

@royal jelly bee tag send me your proof of your payment with Taulant Ibro If you really paid him? I want to know Whether your talk is real or fake My eMail


@Mauve Lol. Of course is fake. All websites selling fixed are scammers.

Taulant Ibro:

yes im scammer sorry

Taulant Ibro:

"Emeka" Otto germany how fake r u. The price of my ticket is 100€ not 1000$ . Also clients buy from me only through Skrill & Bitcoin not Western Union. Wherever u are post your email id & your proof of payment. "Emeka" I'm hearing that u r a big scammer from Kenya so I guess it's you commenting with this Stupid fake name " Otto Germany". And I don't care . Don't continue a jackass that u didn't get a free game from me .


Mwana Wa Bitch emeka . First refund my money back, then comment on others. I paid him 12500 shillings for 300 odds he won't reply & scam me. He's in telegram channel Maxbet odds. Brothers dont pay that wajinga . Thunder fire u emeka!!


Lol. Kenyans are losers. Now they are calling everyone scammers coz they never won a fixed game in their life


This guy "Emeka" is posting everywhere SCAMMER. But he himself is a Scammer from Kenya.

Otto germany:

western union Name: Taulant Ibro Country: Albania is scammer, don't send money to him, they ripped me off 1000$

Emeka N:

Guys, Taulant Ibro (Taulant from Albania) is a scammer. Don't fall for his tricks. You will loose your money

T. Ibro:

Emeka N unless you are a buyer you can't comment about me. You r a random guy wants to call me scammer coz u didn't get a FIXED GAME for FREE.


inbox this guy have match for saturday is real inside

joseph munyao:

bet single on these games nt 100% sure these are my free bets for today for fixed matched. buy please my any moving tip over 2.5,cherno more-slavia Sofia tip 1,dock sud-argentino de Quilmes tip 2 buy my 100% my sure fixed matches half time full time matches but but avoid scammers here let somebody give an example of free match........regards Joseph munyao

cherno more-slavia Sofia tip 1 for for fixed matches buy my 100% sure games these are free bets not 100% sure but observe them


@T.Ibro Your proofs are gud but your price is very high. Kindly lower for normal people like me & I'll buy forever

joseph munyao:

maxbet :kettering town -weymouth tip 3+,over 2.5for daily maxbet contaCT JMUNYAO55@YAHOO.COM

Joseph munyao:

My name is Joseph i always a have information about the about fixed matches and on Saturday I and Wednesday a I also have daily max bet of odd 2to 5 odds daily max bet per week is 40 for the first customer my email My tomorrow free to tip (Kettering town-weymouth tip 3+, over 2.5)if try me with any amount for the first customers I allow this avoid scammer scammer: is scammer


Kendrex: That's my gmail.. Please I believe there are few good people in here.. Can someone send a real bet site that gives 100% sure match... Please and please I will be grateful if someone replies me


Is real .....has anyone tried it?


Please anyone who has info on should let us know before I make payment....thanks


Its not


@ fred....Yea u are right


Please any info about

my friends fixed matches are very expensive information to be given to everybody because my source tells me to keep information secretive if you wanna want my fixed and 100% sure fixed matches join me but maintain secret .for more information contact me my source will send me games on 14/4/2018 on Saturday I just want to help few people around 10 secret is the qualification to get my matches!!!!!


Guys tips from Macedonia mega tips 1-2/2-1 are all scammers


hi kindly assist me in verifying if or are legit or scams reach me on whatsapp +254716322398 :

I have the best and the surest source, our games are precise they are 100% sure games no error. As long you follow the terms and conditions you are good to win.... Email us on... Or whatsapp.. +2348036385940.

Edward :

Tired this guy this past weekend and it worked,his games is affordable,here is his WhatsApp details


Please someone with verification should reply me, is a scam or legit site?? Mail...


Hello guys, I am a very serious gambler but I don't know much about this site.What I can advise you is to try matches from this guy though his odds is small they really win..2+ odds

Frank :

God bless you smith for your honesty am really glad,games played as you sent it thanks now I confirmed your source andrespalleti is real


We did it again games won from,if you can pay him €5k then fine but if you can't I am reselling cheaper just email me,@ frank thanks too for trusting


Wow I can't hide my joy finally at last I won a fixed match,400+ odd from this man,someone talked about him on this forum I just tried it this weekend and I got a game from Belarus Orsha - Torpedo Minsk Tip was 2/X and a game from England league two Wycombe-Cheltenham Tip was also 2/X and both games came if I just recovered all I've lost and made gains 10x this is madness


Seems Italy and Singapore is the only real source,I bought a game from an email I saw on Facebook over the weekend,two games of 170 odd and it won,though it's my first time of winning with the source so I decide to share it here that's the Italian guys email


there is a guy,he sells preety cheap @ 300 EUROS FOR REAL FIX GAMES

We are making it known to the Public that euro-pole will not be liable for any fraudulent transcriptions done through the forum....This forum is designed for people all over the Globe to wary of the con men..Kindly desist from anybody claiming to have fix matches...our mail is there to contact


True that man i last week subscribed from fantacy and yesterday i played my 5th game from him still all win


So far i can only guarantee that he has real games


today completes my 7 days of playing predicted games and I win 5/7 not bad,buying the fix this weekend


I've played this guy games 6 times and won 5 that's for his predicted games which I pay €1000 per week,his fix games are quite costly but his Robert prediction is good to make few bucks 2-5 odd daily,at least no scam no matter how little the odds are


I bought a game this past weekend from and Italian source,game was 750 odd 1/2 and 0-4 correct scores and it won,games cost €30000,€15000 before and €15000 after,he gave me Bala town-carmatann 0-4 correct scores and North korea u16 w-Japan u16 w as 1/2,soccer prediction,pls provide were we can post images I would post my ticket and messages I exchanged with him, that's the source email


Haha @Alan I had been buying since 2 weeks from him, Till now won 179450usd & 11000usd :-)

George :

@Bonuci Who did you buy from? taulantibro??


Last friday I bought 3 ht/ft games from for 100 euros and won 347 odds. Cheers I found this guy here!!!


Hey Denis, please email the site you were talking about to


Alot of scam here and there No one for fixed football on the Internet. can conviniently give you average 2.00 with consistent profit... check out bankerpaidtips on facebook

there is only one way to win,believe and follow your

SG Boy:

Clarence anyway I can reach you as I from SG

@Bryan 500 Euro is alot..

Thomas Hembie:

please this is my email


any one with a real source

LA merveille :

I still wonder which is which, everyone claims to have a better site but they don't wanna disclose it. Everything seems to be fake.


Sunny Man:

This Guy is a fuckin bitch,his got no fixed match


Thanx @krys . Lol I saw at 00.30 & placed immediately. Thanks admin for not removing the comment. I inboxed you @krys. Plzz reply


@Morris No he posted it before kick off . I saw it but I didn't play them doubting. Damn! Y always me?


SOUTH AMERICA: Copa Sudamericana Ind. Medellin (Col)-Racing Club (Arg) Info: 1/2 Half Time Full Time Odds: 30 COLOMBIA: Copa Aguila - Play Offs Petrolera-Millonarios Info: 2/x Half Time Full Time Odd: 15 Bet all your money in these free FIXED MATCHES. This is my last free FIXED MATCH because everytime I post match someone is removing it. So in case if u see this post quickly place the bet & INBOX ME at to buy day after tomorrow FIXED GAMES . Odds: 476 Price : 100 euros


@Krys Those are already played matches. We are not stupid. played early hours.

Brayo believe:

mega VIP tips from Macedonia are fake. yesterday I paid 30 euros and they send make two games and they lose. when I went to their website I saw they have updated different games that had won.


Alex have u gotten info on the site???


@jame , real source from where ??


@victor you are either the scammer behind and trying to counter been exposed or you are simply a lier. The scammer is Kenyan and uses a USA number for whatsapp chat and when you ask why he says his partners are in USA. After you send him money he will scam you and stop communicating.


Hi,anyone with info about Before I send money to them.

Need real fix matches...such as correct score and halftime this number +2349064266159


i have real source


guys please i will advice you stay away from Macedonians tipsters.They are all scammers


I bought Ht/ft match from and won,i wonder guys saying they are fake,so far i have bought two times and won.


Guys, no match is fixed am very okay with bankerpaidtips, follow them on twitter and like on facebook for free and vip tips... Thanks mandy for refering to bankpaidtips


hi,please does anyone knows about i want to know about them before making any payment is a scam. A kenya source he is. I paid for his service and comfirmed that he is a bloody scammer. His archeived results are very fake. Guys be warned!


A big thanks to the king Taulant Ibro. Cuz I Won 37000€ last night with his games. . Thank you Taulant Ibro. The fixed king. Wow too excited..


Thanx @taulant Pleasure doing v Business with you


Robertcater4270@gmail is a bigger scammer be aware before make payment and pato4rever also with him. I have all his fake proofs

Albarika :

@ Clearance, please which site did you buy from to won 2 HT/FT and one was postpone????


Coral 1x2 is a fucking scammer.. These marcedonians suck... Dont dare Also mega tips

Desmond: is a scam. On their website they promised to provide 5-7 odds daily but when you subscribe to their website, they will provide different type of tips that doesn't work. Subscribing there is a waste of money.


is mega vip bets for real


hello bro.Joshau Lagos Pls Can I Talk To You,pls Give me ur number or Email.mine is 07039297743

big j:

i got scammed by a . They show results of latest winnings on the front page but after you pay to subscribe to premium you go into the premium dashboard and realize about almost 80% of their predictions are wrong. I even lost money by using the predictions provided by them.

sunny man:

Pls,have anyone bought from messi-7tips,are they real?

Joshua Lagos:

I bought matches from them ,last month they all lost.I learn from here about and i bought matches from them and won. i can recommend.

Dennis :

Hi guys, don't pay anything before you win. If you want to win as from today just inbox PAYMENT IS AFTER WIN. I promise to help you recover all the money that you have lost to scammers. Try me today

am a new sport blogger and i have correct source,am trying to improve my website so i can't make mistake...i can only provide the best of games even comes in different sport,basketball,baseball and the master of all me if you want to win fix


What about first hand matches.It is also by macedonia

Kenya :

The Macedonian bitch. LJUBIKA TOLESKA scamed me 70 Euros in the name of fixed matches. He sent me two matches which lost. And he demands more 50 euros. He runs Austria fixed matches which he posts matches every day as winnings but the reality is no that. Guys the Macedonians are shit scammers


you guys you still belive that are real fixed matches. it does not have any real fixed matches. all are scammers don't belive any how post on it.all are liars.


Dont try the guy Martin Milojevic From Serbia City of Novi Sad is a scammer. Immediaty he takes your money and run with it. The site has all fabricated results.

vaarun: real scam i'hv been a victim of

Cedric Spain:

Europol,hazard tips and manipulated fixed tips have all scemmed me,I learnt from this site about which I have now been buying from they have real fixed tips and also are not requesting for extra payments after a win.


How about master pick?


I have been scammed a lot by these Macedonians.please help me with the source


Thanks guys i was about to send money to Slobodan Kraleski.thanks 4 saving my little money.infact thunder fire their head.waka


Now which site are not scam? Mail me at and tell me the right site.

Don peezy:

I came here to read comments. I almost fell for the scam.


I Valentine have been scammed by paok tips. Solobets. Zulubets.Europol. all are the scammer it self.

fredor :

is Samba-1×2 genuine or scam. pliz help

Limon: biggest scammers of all....only if I knew about these Macedonians


I wantvto say 2 things to everyone here. First of all dont post false comments about fixed matches that 99.9% are scammers . Dont get misguide others by these comments. If you had been scammed by a source then post only that source name as scam. There are som real fixed match sources out there. Don't post such comments if had not tested any source. Second, I see people posting their email id that you have proof or something. You could be caught for cyber crime one day. So please be anonymous while commenting. Recently a guy I knew was in serious trouble for doing publicity stunt. If had won with a source just post the link. Dont share your email's highly risky...


Vilmis dibos and smartbet strategy on FB are a scam. football_match_fixers@yahoo.c@m are also a big scam. They will even send you a free game to start with.After you send money they disappear or send Fake HT/FT odds


please guys don't try hazard tips, Italian tips, Li loose badly with them, AVOID MACIDONIAN! !!!!!! I got one of the trusted site but only expensive for me in particular,they have proof, and they are monitered by registers body under which every losing ticket is compensated if u loose more than 3 consecutive marches the body disqualify you and is has over 20 tipsters of your choice basing on their performance not from ducking Macedonian.


Macedonia??? I don't know if their hearts were made of machines, inhumane guys....scammers. Wise up guys


I bought from a guy someone recommended me to and won twice, on Thursday he sent me today's tip, but just about an hour to kick off he emailed me and warned me not to play that there has been a compromise, my email is, his email is,u can email me for proofs


there's different reactions from this sites. others comment it positively while others comment in negatively.


anyone who have ever tried Madrid pick and Sweden Picks ..I,would like to buy games from them but am afraid they're scammers

kate: ware no one plays those games t tell a fixed thing.all are scammers


Is VIP bets real please help they are always sending me emails


Macedonia people are fucking country with all scammers there in the country don't trust and also is also from Macedonia email address is ahly you pay him 50euro he will never reply your mail friends beware of Macedonia country fucking mother bloody bastard

Kenyan :

Macedonia has the worst scammers be aware with those odds they can be billionaires why charge too little


So does any one have a real source? Because am beginning to think fixed games is a myth/lie.


My contact




That guy saying you should call his number is the worst scammer here,bitch


This guy is a real scammer. He uploaded videos which look impossible to be fake to youtube and I fell for it. First I bought a match from him for 30 Euro and it actually won, then I bought a so called ht/ft fixed match from him and lost badly. He has never replied since then.


is pato 9 legit

Cc John:

Scam Site


so who s has ever had a consistent wining tips with this site? Because I was almost believing them to be true and real from their videos in youtube.

rugamba :

Is pato 9 site a scam and mega


thanks a lot guys i was just about to send 120 euros to slobodan as a monthly subscription.i could have lost my money to a scammer.thanks a lot guys


Hello can some tell me the best site for fixed matches please Thank you inbox me


Is pato-9 safe? Any body who has bought their match?




please is there anyone that has bought game from


how true is Pato -9 Betting site?


True all these guys are a scam

eric :

Thank God, i was next to send them money but i decided to first make research abt them, thanks guys for saving my little money


hey anyone who knows if hazardtips are legit?


Please has anyone tried this site before messi-7com I want to know if these guys are real thanks


this sites mostly are all scam.i tried mafia tips and lost big time and the guy stopped replying my mails.infact most guys from macedonia are fake

John :

It's a big scam. And so all his other sites. See them all here


its all scam...i was scammed on here and the people i sent money to refused to talk to,block me.beware

Oriowo Oluwaseun:

it depends on the source u made payment through,i was given a combo game on Friday and it worked but my bro made payment through the fraudster and they scammed him so pls becareful...if u want game contact me.....08036385940...08050444133..

Unknown :

Please guys all these were summers, they different tactics for the same ambition so let's get wise better confirmed fully the site u need to subscribe, I paid, I received different match more than 3times a I asked for compensation again I was told to first pay, Ie, Hazard tips, master fixed,,i hv proof of series of lost games, I believe we r better than them in our own prediction so let's be aware of this fucking scammer .they display good winning record but what u received is different, all this tips we from Macedonian fukkkkkkkkk.........

scammer: Paris france


i am scared, already

him izzo:

So,is there a site that is not scam,someone please tell us.



an asian man:

Hey "" Have you betted on these sites yet? I think you should bet on these sites before giving your comment.

please if you never try them don't just say their scammer try before any comment don't just use your mouth confuse people

an asian man:

Everyone should be more careful to the web : mega . If only I knew a true web. I don't believe all the tip website in euro are scammers

a asian man:

I have lost on the web "maxtips9com", too. However, they still post the win matches . they ate scammers


I have been scammed as well I after I found logic behind this ..they gives ever buyer different game which is also predict by football analyser .. And ath same time they put some money on that.. Think how many people like me give every day money they give u tips in 200 n put 50 on that bet 150 profit every time different game to different buyer....if they win they put video ...n proof ..n whoever 1 out of 200 or 300 buyers win...with them. Rest of them fuck off..logikk.....I think ..

Mark Ward:

For real i am a witness the site is 100% scam i paid 200 Euro for the fucking fixed game i was given different games 7 times all was lie and later he will post games on site that his game dropped... Here is proof Youri Djorkaef Feb 29 to me Yes 210 with discount My Details Name : SLOBODAN Surname : KRALESKI City : Veles Postal code 1400 Country : Macedonia After your payment contact me.When we check your payment we will send our matches via e mail. to Youri MTCN Number: 5013758590 Amount: 210 Euros Country: Ireland city: Dubline Senders name: Mark ward I just hope everything goes fine with the Fixed game.... Thanks and help me i need to win a better fund because this is my last money for the month Thanks then after he started giving me rubbish games... Youri Djorkaef Mar 2 to me Today we have information for this match HT/FT tip and over goals 02 March Wednesday SOUTH AMERICA: Copa Libertadores 21:15 The Strongest (Bol) - Trujillanos (Ven) Pick: 2/1 (Trujillanos (Ven)/The Strongest (Bol)) [Half time/ Full time pick] Odds 26.00 Tip: over 4.5 goals (5+) odds 5.00 bet on both Picks All of them from Mercedonia are scammers they will all perish

kevin :



You canot find genuine sites with long term high winrate. Why should anyone offer you such information? You can use some free stats sites such as statatea/soccervista etc and do your own analysis...also read teams news and stats...thats the only way..

Anonymous :

Not the right place them. This site is scam crap


Somebody should just tell us a genuine site or all of them are scammers..

Kings id here :

Just we wanna win here


please has someone bought match from these website


I tried this guy out... He calls himself Youri Djorkaef but his real name is Slobodan Kraleski. I bought one match from him, he gave it to me. It lost. He said he didn't know what happened and gave me another match, this also lost badly. He then stopped replying to all of my emails. I'm pretty sure he was a scammer, but his videos lure you in as they look so legitimate. The videos show massive wins on Bet365 but he must have a way of faking these. Do not trust, you will lose your money, either to him being a scammer or having a source that feeds him bad info (my two matches lost).

Makaveli :

I wanted to give a try but am scared.. who knows a real source?

Naftaly :

Which site is best for buying tickets pliz help me??


ladies and gentlemen, from my analysis, i will say that its just a scam thanks you.

unfair world:

I tested their analyzed free football tips and won twice as of 23/12/2015 odds 4.30HT/FT and 2.10 Over. I am still curious, football is unfair sometimes.


I hav't bought any game from them, but they send me free game (HT/FT 1X) which I did not play Bcos of time, After the it play the way they predict it, after then I trusted them.


Who are these people why trust such sites? This site is a joke. Its should be obvious to anyone that all sites like this are pure scam


Hey Clarence I am also from Singapore.which one did you bought it from


Last week i earn with this site Brazilian Match 2/1 Won

Senator bajo :

if some people are saying it real and were tested trusted and some are saying they were tested and failed then I believe it a Simple answer , motherfucking scam


Hello everyone. This site run by a Macedonian. His details: Name: Slobodan Surname: Kraleski City: Veles Postal code 1400 Country: Macedonia Although he could give you another details to pay. Please don't trust him.


Hello Clarence Can you please forward me two of their old tips you bought ?want to check them out .. Thank you !


Hello, This site and other partners are scam. I work with him and 2 him partner. I swear that they are 100% scam. Maybe give you 2-3 true tips but when you give them money all of their tips are wrong. Don't trust he.


if they are really earning money in fixed game why need high service fee for a pick and their images shows some loss bet in max bet.


this is all but scam


this is all but scam


This is fake service i can tell you i have experence with it all you do is lose yourmoney and they dont refund



who plays with him, let him write email


I get 3 match and lost very big Scam


Last week i buy right match from this site,but for this week match was postponed

Anonymous :

You two some kind of morons? if is not a scam then i am Michael Jackson! Fixed match with odd 30 and 100% sure? Bigges bullsh ever heard. This kind of match fixing is criminal activity and very, very secret business and very, very hard to organize/keep in secret. You people think this kind of info is sold in internet in such a public way? Good luck suc#%kers :D


i had buy 3 Half Time Full Time matches from This site and 2 matches won and one was postponed. Greetings from Singapore

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