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Site Info: Soccer Predictions - Fraud Syndicate

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam / Fraud?: YES

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Site is part of a bigger fraud-network. Winrate and Yield are too good to be true - it looks like they are selling winning lottery tickets. Past history is occasionally manupulated to make it look better. All the 'partner' sites belong to the same group and are all fraud. Be Aware.

User Opinions

Benjamin :

@Jerom write your mail or telegram , thank you

Alexandr :

@phil please write your mail or telegram

Alexandr :

@phil please write your mail or telegram , thank you

@Sergio :

There is information about a fixed match, the price of 1400 € for new customers is the possibility of paying 700 € before the match and 700 € after the match. The odd is big! Match soon My telegram @Newlivess

@Victor :

@waiswa do you have mail or telegram ? Please write

phil: offers afterpayment fixed matches


Thanks fantacy

Mark :

@Lyon please write your telegram


Hello. My mail,

Aleksandr :

@David , please write me your mail


Balkan bet 1x2 is also a scam they made me pay 250euro and send me nothing, please ignore and avoid any dealings with them. Thank me later


You mean there is nothing in the name of Fixed matches???? No wonder I have pumped a lot of money to scammers from Macedonia but gain nothing....


what you think about harison

How is this:

are you sure


I did not come here to watch an old man cum in his own face, nor to watch a black man get electrocuted.


This dude came here, is a scammer. He's a Nigerian guy claiming to be in N. Ireland. Don't fall victim of him. He got no fixed games at all.. Thank me later

Fixed match - PS Tira - Semarang - Halftime Exact score - 0-1 Odds- 7.50

Kagawa :

@Harrison Yes he's a scammer. I have proofs as well. He scammed me and scammed some other guy I know. And if you were lucky to win his predictions, don't dare try him again. He's a heartless big big scammer. He accepts money through western union in the names of "Mekeala Rayford " if I'm wrong, tell me that I'm lying!!!


Everyone plz I need your suggestions, is a scammer also?

Harrison :

Kagawa, what makes you say is a scam? Have you tried him out because I have and I have proofs to show his being genuine


I think the person on board now is Tried him out and his 186 odds was accurate. I never believed until I cashed out and made a withdraw. You guys should try him out as well

Kagawa: is a scammer, he has no fixed games. He will take your money and he scams thousands of euros. So be aware guys


Please I want to confirm if any f you have idea on is genuine. I got his mail from someone and the person said he's good


Man stop talking bullshit i have pay them, They are scammers. They take money and never send the correct score.

be warned : is scammer


I pay for the 30 euro service to try their 1 week service, it end up they are asking for more some kinds of surcharge which was never mentioned in their website, it end up asking for more money. without sending tips service

Soon: also scammer

Gam :

yes i agree with you Andy is for real but really very expensive


guys give this site a try I believe they are real

Lyon :

All here are fucking scammers guys i tried a lot of people. Only one is good 6 won and 1 lose that he replace

Adams :

If you need legitimate fixed games then try,good and honest guys and games isn’t costly




@david do you have any proof please ??


Seems Italy and Singapore is the only real source,I bought a game from an email I saw on Facebook over the weekend,two games of 170 odd and it won,though it's my first time of winning with the source so I decide to share it here that's the Italian guys email


Messi-7 is a scammer do not pay to them.


are these guys real?


Anyone with information about this site before I buy a match?


i keep telling people about robertcater 4270@gmail . com I ' ve won a couple of games from him you can contact me through my email wilsonbryan 190 @yahoo . com for proofs


I hope one day they will be caught i know buy from

bxxxx be:

is there any possible way i can be refunded my money


Beware friends all are scammers and also ahly-1x2,com name ahly maestro email don't trust him he is a scammers from Macedonia country.....his tips is 50euro......scammer mother fucker fool go let your dog fuck Macedonia scammer country


I want to report this site is scam , I tried their 30 euro service it ends up asking for more money


I pay for the 30 euro service to try their 1 week service, it end up they are asking for more some kinds of surcharge which was never mentioned in their website, it end up asking for more money. without sending tips service

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