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Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

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Site is part of a bigger scammers network that has hundereds of simialar sites running in the web. All the site follow the same consept, deisgn and credientals. A lot of fraud complaints can be found in internet. Some investingations have been opened in the past by the authorities. Soccer predictions they provide are fake - winrate is not as promised, past histories are faked, money back guarantee doesnt work. BE AWARE.

User Opinions


@JESTEFF: Of course is scam. All websites selling fixed are scam.


@Peter: Send me the evidence where Gadganso scammed you. georgehal86 at gm. I was just about to buy from him.


@Antonio thanks for making me fall into your trap with insidebet now he has Succeded in scamming me


Please any one in the house, i want to confirm is is a scammer also


That gadganso 40 @ gmai l . com- IS SCAMMER ! not buy!

Chimex bets:

Contact me on +2347032880599 or +2348050547500 for free odd and 3 for sale

No lost money:

No lost money scammer nigerian stupid guys SCAMMER DONT BUY GUYS


do not waste any more money with these guys, after losing a lot of money I decided to try on the deep web is I found this guy gave me the games and went out, I'm speechless this is his email scammer: is big scammer

Roll :

Megavip-bet is a big scam

Roll :

I paid megavip-bet 50 Euros and requested for additional 50 euros, they gave me fake predictions and asked me to pay 200 euros to get VIP odds of I declined to pay. Real scammers!


Fucking scammer..i paid for a monthly subscription. He said 40 odd per day but gave me 3 odds. And said fixed games. I betted and lost a huge amount. Again he gamr me another prediction and it was again wrong. This guy is giving his own prediction..noting is fixed..big scammer..

Adams :

If you need legitimate fixed games then try,good and honest guys and games isn’t costly


Is mega VIP ticket scam ???

George :

@Collins They are also scammers. Genuine sources don't use websites!!

David :

Seems Italy and Singapore is the only real source,I bought a game from an email I saw on Facebook over the weekend,two games of 170 odd and it won,though it's my first time of winning with the source so I decide to share it here that's the Italian guys email


Megapicks is big scam. Site only cheat you.


Do not send money sites like this. Those are scams and cheating your money. You will not be rich with this way.


It's scam. They are cheating. If customer has already paid, is it there any possible get money back?

Berat meha : is a scam too i paid him 50 euro for two ht ft matches and i never received anything be carefull dont send him money i have proof that i sent him the money but i cant upload it here

Dan: a scam Company, I sent in 100 euros and till today has been Given to me as match odds


Note:there are and,now look at the real one, while the one with dash is a big scam so beware.


Williams is not opening like a site selling matches or is it


mega picks are scammers be warned guys. I paid them 50 Euros for fixed match and I did not receive any matches instead they told me to pay 100 euros.. be warned people


How do i know the truth

j w w w:

Those people are not genuine don't try


Mega picks are 100% i paid 40euros and i did not recieve any match.pls do not get cheated trust me


Please do not get cheated,megapicks are 100% scammers i paid them 40 euros today and trust me i recieved zero matches


hi guys, I paid to get vip almost from 20 blogs,blieve me or not as I know 100% are scam,,,,,My advise to get tips by sms but don't bet for a few days when you trust the archive start betting, Good luck

i have been following up with your predictions for a while now. your predictions have been so accurate. that is why am requesting for a sure 20 odd bet.


I've come across this new but might be old tipster by name Garrick Achterberg. Please do any body here knows them, are they all scammers? Cos I wanna give them a try.

Ao can we know d right sit

Which site ve u guys try ND work out pls

noble man:

It seems to be a scam because no clear info concerning their tickets


biggest scammers be aware,nothing like 100% sure


I can't believe , we bet on your matches and earn much money every day , this is true, good source big team thanks for your help


Always ask for Paypal email. Scammers have only Scrill / Neteller / Money gram.


where can some one gets a reliable site for sure picks


Thank you for your 100 % sure matches , the best team I earn much money with your tickets


Mega-picks. Com is a big scam, i paid him money he did not send me ticket and saying that i paid for tax that i should send another money for VIP, this guys are big scam


finally good site


Will like to win money


its all scam if they are winning from their source info why they still need your money for fees?


Pls check 4 me

ASHAOLU: is a scammer. they dupe me


i can't make a decision am confused.


I cant believe this fake tipsters...unless am mad.


Guys, believe me or not. 99.9% of them are scammers


HMMMMMM MEGA-PICKS is nothing but SCAM my friends and i have been dope more than 3times by this GUYS lying to people that they have 100per cent sure games which is a BIG lye. this GUYS nothing to write home about them. PEOPLE please be WARN they are not for REAL. LARRY from NIGERIA. my advice


let me try and see if they are a scam


Hmm am highly confuse about what am seeing and hearing from here, it was a big surprises to me... i can say mega-picks is a scam site because on the first day i come across their site I am so happy that I'm gonna make much profit from there site. I talk with them and they said to me if I need 100%Sure Fix Match am to pay 50Euro I accept I pay them the money, they say to me that they we get back to me, when they we say, they said am going to pay for VIP TICKET again after i have already sent them 50Euro, I said Ok nope i will sent it, I sent them another 50Euro making 100Euro. to cut my story short they didn't send me any single match and it hurt me so much I can't just Cry...


i sent them 50 euros expecting to get get a ticket odd 96 instead claim for more money from me on sticking on them they sent me a ticket making odd 15


finally good site


90% matches are sure on mega-picks, now for now I have good profit

anonymous: its scam


Joseph and Carlo...seems like the webmasters of mega-picks trying to do marketing :D Pathetic scammers


You are right Ght, until admin not change something about posting here no one can convince me that all massages, reply, comments etc are real.


Sorry not ALL, i believe only on negative comments, but on positive i believe only 1%

joseph: is the best site for betting I earn much money with him


Really good site for betting is Mega-Picks, because matches are 100% sure

alutagh88: it a scam


100% scam. With that result if I Am owner i will never sell tips, instead i will bet for my own

I need sure game picks


pls is really scam?

Charles don:

I need sure game please


Look at their site - they offer 100% sure matches. How can you do that? Match fixing is highly illegal as far as I know...


Please are you sure is a scam??? How can you prove to us that is a scam


Are you sure mega-pick is a scam

Andy: and are two very different sites. is not a scam, is 100% scam


is a scam???

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